Ragnarok Level-UP

Inviting All Guilds and Players from Official Gameflier, Level-UP Games and Private Server Intense, Hikayu, Trinity, Freya, eAthena and etc feel the 2003~2010 Game Play!

Lets Go! Download and Register Now!

Mode : ROK ON!!!

Server Features
1. MvP Hunting in Ragnarok Level-UP is more fun and competitive. You'll gain a MvP Points everytime you kill an MVP and you can use it to purchase items in MvP Shop! You can also spend the points to the MvP Points Roulette!.
2. You won't get bored playing in our server since we have a roulette system for everybody! Check our wiki for more info about the roulette system! Example roulette is MvP points Roulette, Time Points Roulette, Daily Roulette, Share Points Roulette, etc.
3. PK Maps are also included in our server features! But only for MvP Maps and other farming sites, Since PK is implemented you will gain PK Points each time you kill a player, but you can only PK at level 55 and above!.
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Download Client

Ragnarok Level-UP recommend you to download the full client, we intend not to release lite client to avoid the player installation errors, Contact us by submitting a ticket when you have trouble installing the game. Click the other links like MIRRORS and Zip/Rar compressed client for more options of downloads!.

Loading ROKS is only voluntary and we do not force players to topup so its your full decision to do this. You can read our TOPUP AGREEMENT or TOS before purchasing roks for security purpose.